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Customer Service

Bralyx has a specialized technical assistance team to attend large, medium and small-sized food industries in Brazil and abroad. Any doubts on the operation and maintenance of the machines operation and maintenance can be solved by phone, Skype, e-mail and, in case of urgency, at the client’s establishment, provided that a previous schedule is confirmed.

The company stands out in the technical assistance area because of its tradition in quality services and differentiated attendance, considerable inventory of necessary spare parts and the proximity of our headquarters of Congonhas airport, in Sao Paulo, which favors transportation spare parts.

Our experience is renowned by more than three thousand equipment installed in all regions of Brazil and the world.

Bralyx also has regional representatives to monitor problems and doubts case by case.


CONTACT US: +55 (11) 5072-2099 / +44 1234 910073 or: suporte-bralyx

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