New Duly 4.0

New Duly 4.0

New Duly 4.0

The New Duly 4.0 is a forming and encrusting machine perfect to diversify your menu since it can produce, beyond the traditional products, products with two fillings/ two colors and striped without adaptations.

  • Set the thickness of the dough
  • Formats
  • Product Size7 – 180g
  • Certification
  • Watch the machine working

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Cheese Ball
Cheese Bread
Corn Bread
Falafel / Felafel
Filled Biscuit/ Filled Cookies
Filled Churro
Filled Gnocchi
Filled Polenta
Fruits Bar
Grissini / Breadsticks
Guava Biscuit
Ham Ball
Kibbe/ Kibbeh/ Kubba
Manioc Ball
Meat Ball
Petit Gateau
Pigs In Blanket / Sausage Roll/ Mini Hot Dog
Potato Bread
Salty Pie / Pie / Small Pie

1 filling: up to 4.000 pcs/h 30g (1,05oz) – up to 900 pcs/h 180g (6,34oz)
2 fillings: up to 4.000 pcs/h 30g (1,05oz) – up to 900 pcs/h 180g (6,34oz)

* It depends on the type of dough and filling.

Dough/ Filling consumption (hourly production*)
Products 30g (1,05oz): 84kg (185lb) of dough + 36kg (79,4lb) of filling = 120kg (264,5lb)

* 70% of dough and 30% of filling

PRODUCT SIZE: from 7g to 180g (from 0,24oz to 6,34oz)

Machine dimension (Width x Length x Height): 610 x 997 x 678 mm (24” x 39,2” x 32,5”)
Power input: 1,07kW (1,45CV) – 220V – Mono
Net Weight: Aprox. 109kg (240,3lb)

Kit 210g
Nozzle Churros
Pigs in Blanket
Rissole Molds
Two Colors

Product Description

Forming and Encrusting machine for center filled cookies New Duly 4.0.

Maxiform New Duly 4.0 is a forming and encrusting machine was specially developed to make products with two fillings/ two colors¹ and striped¹ without the need for adaptations.

Ideal for producing wide variety of ethnic food (finger food) like:  

  • Special for: Filled Stripes cookies/ Filled 2 colors cookies
  • Latin America: Sorruloz de Maiz/ Aborrajado/ Churros/ Mofongo/ Papas Rellenas/ Arepas/ Pan de yuca /Croquetas/ Bolitas de yuca/ Carimañolas
  • Brazil: Empada (Salty Pie)/ Coxinha/ Pão de queijo (Cheese ball)/ Brigadeiro (Chocolate ball)/ etc
  • Europe: Filled Gnocchi/ Pastel de bacalhau (Codfish Ball)
  • Cookies and filled cookies
  • Many others stuffed dumplings

These fried, cooked or roasted delicacies, found in the most varied names/ shapes/ doughs and fillings/ delight the worldwide palate and create great business opportunities / once are consumed in different places and occasions, such as restaurants/ bars/ cafes/ hotels/ resorts/ happy-hours/ wedding/ families celebrations/ etc.

The Forming and Encrusting machine for center filled cookies New Duly 4.0 forms and fills several kinds of products from 7 (0,24oz) to 180g (6,34oz) in up to 5 different formats, being able to adjust the batter crust to thicker or thinner.

Forming and Encrusting machine for center filled cookies New Duly 4.0 suits the customer’s need for production/ and it´s recommended for  medium pr


  • Frontal panel – facility of access to the operator
  • Simple and smoothly operated
  • Total control of product: weight/ size/ length and shape
  • It is easy for operation, cleaning, assembling, and repairing
  • Suitable to produce vegetarian, gluten free and lactose-free products
  • Extremely versatile, it can work with different ingredients
  • Developed with lateral guides to avoid products falling form the tray
  • Made of stainless steel, which extend the durability and improve its quality
  • Strong and durable engines