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Empanamix Plus Flat

Breading chicken fillets, fish and meat, burgers, nuggets (partially frozen), onion rings and seafood.

Breaded fillet
Onion rings

Modern equipment entirely build in 304 stainless Steel and parts in polymers.

 The machine is composed of two containers; one batter unit (for liquid bath) and one breading unit (for the flour).

 The transport system of the product is formed by two conveyors. One is for liquid phase the other is for dry phase.

The liquid tank conveyor is provided with supports that avoid sliding on the exit ramp. As it Works by product imersion in the liquid, it dispenses pumps.

EXCLUSIVE system that removes excess flour on the products.

Optional: Pré-dust, a device to add extra layer of flour to products.


HOURLY PRODUCTION:  1.100 filet 50g (0,1lb) | 985 filet 90g (0,39lb)

Maximum capacity of flour tank 5 kg (11lb)

Maximum capacity of liquid tank: 8L (2,1gal)

Machine dimensions (WxLxH): 555 x 1.930 x 1.430 mm (21,8" x 76" x 56,3")

Power input:   0,52CV (0,39kW) - 220 v - mono, 60Hz

Net weight: 108kg (238lb)


This machine strictly follows the European Common Market labor security and cleaning/ materials specifications.
All electric parts are according to CE specifications.
24 volts panel (operator-machine interface) which eliminates the risk of electrical shock. 

Emergency Button with easy access which immediately blocks the machine operation.

Parts in contact with the product in STAINLESS STEEL or non-toxic plastic (polyethylene) indicated for food industry use.