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Machine for Empanamix

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Batter and breading machine for cylindrical and flat products, provided with simple and practical controls. Including both a liquid bath tank (for batter) and a flour bath tank (for breading).

Máquinas da linha Empanamix


Máquinas Empanamix Table Bralyx

Empanamix Table

  • >Modern, practical and compact machine
Máquinas Empanamix Industrial Plus Cylindrical Bralyx

Empanamix Industrial Plus Cylindrical

  • >Ideal for cylindrical products
Máquinas Empanamix Plus Flat Bralyx

Empanamix Plus Flat

  • >Breading chicken fillets, fish and meat, burgers, nuggets.
Máquinas Pré-dust Bralyx


  • >Device that adds an extra layer of flour to products
  • >Attachable to Empanamix Industrial Plus